The VHS tape archive

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The Patrinell Team has been busy going through several hours of these old VHS tapes of the Total Experience Gospel Choir from Pastor Pat Wright’s personal archive. We have been carefully converting them to high definition video files and backing them up on separate hard drives in triplicate (like we do with all of our footage).

The Patrinell project isn’t just about making a movie, but preserving these treasures. If there is one thing I learned from making documentaries, it is about the importance of documenting your life. Moments that seem trivial to you now may turn out to be highly significant years in the future.

The VHS (Video Home System) was developed in Japan in the early 1970s and was released in the United States in 1977. The earliest VHS tape we have comes from the Total Experience Choir 12th Anniversary which was held in the Curry Temple at 172 23rd Avenue in Seattle’s Central District on Sept 27th, 1985. This very well could be the very first video recording of a choir performance ever! Although we do have older Super 8 film footage of the choir from 1977, it does not have sound. It’s possible that some of the other video recordings are older, but many of the tapes were not dated so we can’t be sure. The way we roughly date a video recording of the choir is to pick out individual children in the choir and see how old they look at the time compared to other recordings, and to look at how Pastor Pat styles her hair, which has changed frequently over the years.

There are some amazing moments in these tapes that we are dying to share with you! As we discover more material it gets even harder trying to decide what we should include in the movie. But if anyone is going to see any of this they first need to know that we are making a movie, so help us out and please spread the word by linking to this blog, sharing our posts on social media, and getting your friends to follow Patrinell!

— Andrew Elizaga, Co-Director

Total Experience Gospel Choir’s 12th Anniversary at the Curry Temple in Seattle’s Central District, Sept 27, 1985– “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired/Running for Jesus”.