“Precious Lord”

I found this amazing clip of Pastor Patrinell Wright performing “Precious Lord”.  It comes from a VHS tape we found in the archive titled A Night With Wright and the Total Experience Gospel Choir and it was filmed by Amy Laly. The date is unknown. The concert was produced by John Mifsud who was a member of the choir at the time. I spoke with him recently about the event. He doesn’t remember exactly when it was, but narrowed it down to sometime between 1986 and 1991 because that is when he was active in the choir.

The song “Precious Lord” was written by Thomas A. Dorsey, who is considered “The Father of Gospel Music”. He wrote “Precious Lord” after the death of his wife and newborn child. Dorsey explains how the song came about in this clip from the documentary Say Amen, Somebody. If you have any interest in gospel music I highly recommend watching this documentary. It was a source of inspiration for us when we were doing our initial research in to making our own film.

Andrew Elizaga
Co-director, Editor