“Lift Him Up”

Lift Him Up Album CoverThe Total Experience Gospel Choir recorded the album Lift Him Up in 1979. It was released by Savoy Records, a major record label that specialized in jazz and rhythm and blues, and was “Number One” in gospel music. It was the same label that recorded the Rev. Dr. James Cleveland, the “King of Gospel Music”!

Savoy often would take a well-known gospel singer and record them performing with different gospel choirs around the country. In the album Lift Him Up Savoy paired Rev. Isaac “Dynamo” Douglas with Patrinell Wright and the TECG. The TECG was the first community-based gospel choir in the Pacific Northwest to record for a major record label.
Savoy had a specialized recording van that would pull up next to the venue (in this case, it was Mt Zion Baptist Church) and the album would be recorded in front of a live audience and might even include audio of some of the actual church service. It would only take Savoy about one or two months to come out with the finished album.



Lift Him Up back cover

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