Patrinell has been selected for the Oakland International Film Festival

oaklandWe have completed the final touches on Patrinell: The Total Experience and are planning a year-long film festival run. We are already hearing back from some of the festivals and are thrilled to announce that Patrinell: The Total Experience has been selected as an early entry in the 17th Oakland Film Festival!  The festival isn’t until September so we will have our world premiere before then. I am not allowed to tell you exactly when or where yet until it is official so stay tuned!

From the Oakland Film Society:

Patrinell: The Total Experience is one of a few films we have selected as an “early selection”. Which means between now and September we plan to build hype around your film by hosting “buzz” screenings of your film with press, film professionals, partners, etc.”

The 17th Oakland International Film Festival ( will be held September 19-28th, 2019 at various venues throughout the City of Oakland, CA.

Andrew Elizaga, Co-director



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