Audience applauds PATRINELL at the 17th Oakland International Film Festival

Pastor Patrinell Wright, former Total Experience Choir chaparone Robert Stephens Jr., producer/co-director Tia Young, and co-director Andrew Elizaga flew down from Seattle for the screening of Patrinell: The Total Experience at the 17th Oakland International Film Festival on Friday, Sept 27th.

The film played at the Jack London Regal Cinemas in front of an enthusiastic audience, and was preceded by a beautiful and moving narrative short titled My Father Belize, written and directed by Leon Lozano.

This was the first film festival screening of Patrinell outside of the Seattle Area, so we were very encouraged by the warm reception. Although it focuses on Seattle history, the film also deals with the issues of gentrification and loss of community that we hope will resonate with African Americans all over the country.

Thanks so much to festival director David N. Roach for organizing an enjoyable festival!

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